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At Thomas’s we stock some of the best wine vinegars available, make sure your kitchen has some.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is made from green olives and is extracted by pressing or
crushing the olives. It comes in different varieties, extra virgin from the first
pressing virgin from the second pressing and pure undergoes some processing e.g
filtering. Look after your olive oil Make sure you look after your oil once you
get it home. Buy in small quantities so it doesn’t go rancid. Store in a cool
place (not the fridge though). Keep the lid on the bottle, store in a tinted glass,
porcelain or stainless steel container.

Cooking with olive oil:

Save your extra virgin and expensive oils for salads and dressings, in other words use them where you can really get the best from them.

Truffle Oils:

A truffle is a fungus that grows 3-12 inches below the ground at the base of certain trees and can only be located by pigs or dogs. Truffle oil is created when truffles are soaked in olive oil. To preserve the taste and aroma store your truffle oils in a dark cool cupboard or in the fridge. Like olive oil it will turn cloudy in the fridge but will resume its normal colour once it returns to room temperature. It’s best not to cook truffle oil as it loses its flavour. Instead serve it at the table so guests can pour it over a prepared dish. Alternatively drizzle it on salads and cold dishes.

Wine Vinegars:

Wine vinegars have a good balance subtle and complex flavour and be rich and mellow.

Dinner party:

Serve a selection of olive oils e.g. basil/garlic/chilli oils alongside a selection of
fresh home baked bread from Thomas’s asĀ an easy tasty dinner party appetizer.