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Quentin D. Specialty Food

“Every where you turn these days there seems to be a new high-end grocer or as they prefer to be called Artisan food shop. I blame fallon & byrne or Donnybrook Fair for starting the trend but I’m probably being unfair.

Truth be told most of these places have been around for a long time – I just couldn’t afford them (now that I think of it that bit hasn’t changed much either), one such example of ‘new to Q’ but well established shop is Thomas’s, a shop with the most amazing selection of foods, wines, fresh veg, breads, cakes, sweets and a deli counter.

I am a sucker for those millionaires’ squares – you know the ones with a shortcake base, caramel and a chocolate top? You see them everywhere and usually I buy them and end up dumping most of it because they are something easy to get wrong. True to form when I spotted the square in the cake section in Thomas’s I ordered one, went back to the car and broke off a corner as I drove.

I nearly crashed the car in an attempt to cram the rest into my mouth, spectacular…. If everything else in the shop is like that bit of heaven then my waste line is a thing of the past…”